Who are we?
The Think Ahead Group (TAG) is a group of young professionals who are passionate about brain health.

What do we do?
TAG is teaching people how to think about the current and future health of their brains. We raise money to support research at the Center for BrainHealth that discovers and implements new ways to understand, protect, and heal the human brain.


  • Securing former First Lady Laura W. Bush as a special guest speaker
  • Growing to over 400 past and present members
  • Raising over $300,000 in financial and in-kind gifts
  • Hosting multiple lectures and social events

Media Recognition:

  • Dallas Morning News
  • PaperCity
  • D Magazine Blog
  • Dallas Modern Luxury
  • Park Cities People
  • RSVP Calendar Blog
  • My Sweet Charity Blog
  • Luella & June

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Jess Newman

Jess Newman

What is your involvement with TAG?:
I joined TAG in 2013 and joined the TAG board for the first time this year.

Tell us a little bit about your background. :
I grew up in Dallas and got my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas. After moving back to Dallas, I got my MBA at SMU. I currently work at a software company called ISN based in the uptown area of Dallas.

Why did you join TAG?:
When most people describe their charity involvement, it boils around a particular passion for a particular thing or subset of people. My interest and focus in TAG and the Center for BrainHealth can be described less with the word passion, but more accurately described with the word 'fascination'. The human body, and most interestingly the human brain, is the next frontier. In the same way the generation before us was enamored with space exploration, our generation will witness, awestruck, a trans-formative discovery of what is happening and could happen inside our own bodies. The Center for BrainHealth is at the forefront of forging into the new great unknown and doing it right in the town I grew up in. I'm utterly fascinated to see what life-saving, tissue-repairing or humanity-advancing discovery will come next. To circle back to the original question, "Why did I join TAG", I joined TAG so that the world's leading neuroscientists can tell me what the human brain is capable of. Then I can tell the world.

What are some of your favorite activities? :
Any time that I have a beer in my hand and sunglasses on my face, I'm having a good day. I also love watching Longhorn football.