Who are we?
The Think Ahead Group (TAG) is a group of young professionals who are passionate about brain health.

What do we do?
TAG is teaching people how to think about the current and future health of their brains. We raise money to support research at the Center for BrainHealth that discovers and implements new ways to understand, protect, and heal the human brain.


  • Securing former First Lady Laura W. Bush as a special guest speaker
  • Growing to over 400 past and present members
  • Raising over $300,000 in financial and in-kind gifts
  • Hosting multiple lectures and social events

Media Recognition:

  • Dallas Morning News
  • PaperCity
  • D Magazine Blog
  • Dallas Modern Luxury
  • Park Cities People
  • RSVP Calendar Blog
  • My Sweet Charity Blog
  • Luella & June

Member Spotlight view past winners

Kristen Carter and Kendal Kramer

What is your involvement with TAG?:
We joined TAG in November of 2014. Kristen's sister, Julie Carter, works at the Center and has been highly involved in TAG since its founding. Being four years younger, Kristen had always looked forward to becoming a young professional in Dallas and having the opportunity to join TAG with her sister. Because of their friendship, Kendal had also been hearing about TAG through Julie and was interested in joining. So, at the first TAG happy hour of the fall, Kristen showed up only to find that Kendal had purchased both of their TAG memberships!

Tell us a little about your background.:
Kristen was born and raised in Texas, only leaving for four short years to get her degree in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma -- Boomer Sooner. She had always planned on returning to Dallas after graduation and currently works as an account coordinator at a PR agency called Sunwest Communications. Kendal, on the other hand, had intended to return to her hometown of Tulsa following graduation, but was offered an internship position at the Center. Her plans to live in Dallas short-term soon became long-term when she landed a job planning events at a Dallas nonprofit called ChildCareGroup. Almost one year later, Kendal and Kristen are still roomies at Kristen's parents' house. (Taking suggestions for apartments in Dallas with free rent, home-cooked meals, and a laundry service!) When they can't be found enjoying margaritas by the pool, they're probably running, catching up on episodes of the Bachelor and Dance Moms, or eating Tex-Mex.

How did you guys become friends?:
Most people look back on their time living in college dorms as freshmen and cringe, especially if they had to share connecting rooms and a bathroom with complete strangers. Those were the same expectations we had, especially when Kristen noticed on move-in day that all of Kendal's belongings were labeled with a hot pink sticker that had her name on it. Kendal started dreading the rest of the year when Kristen and another roommate accidentally locked Kendal out of the bathroom. It wasn't until we were first stuck in the dorm studying for finals and later trapped inside during a snow storm that we were forced to spend some quality time together. All it took after that was one night out bonding over TexMex and we've been inseparable ever since.

Why are you a part of TAG?:
In addition to our connection to TAG through Julie, brain health is an important cause to both of us after seeing our grandfathers suffer from Alzheimer's disease. We've also had multiple friends sustain concussions playing sports, which has sparked our interest in brain research. After being introduced to the stigma that surrounds diseases of the brain in a college class, we also developed a desire to change the way people view mental health. TAG provides us an opportunity to meet other young professionals while getting out and about in Dallas, as well as serves as the perfect outlet for us to contribute to and learn more about a cause we're passionate about.