Who are we?
The Think Ahead Group (TAG) is a group of young professionals who are passionate about brain health.

What do we do?
TAG is teaching people how to think about the current and future health of their brains. We raise money to support research at the Center for BrainHealth that discovers and implements new ways to understand, protect, and heal the human brain.


  • Securing former First Lady Laura W. Bush as a special guest speaker
  • Growing to over 400 past and present members
  • Raising over $300,000 in financial and in-kind gifts
  • Hosting multiple lectures and social events

Media Recognition:

  • Dallas Morning News
  • PaperCity
  • D Magazine Blog
  • Dallas Modern Luxury
  • Park Cities People
  • RSVP Calendar Blog
  • My Sweet Charity Blog
  • Luella & June

Member Spotlight view past winners

Alison Perez

Tell us what you do at the Center for BrainHealth and about your background.:
I am a doctoral candidate and researcher at the Center for BrainHealth. I started at the University of South Carolina as a psychology student and moved to Dallas to pursue my Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. I’ve been at BrainHealth for almost 5 years now and work on a variety of different topics. Mostly, I work with healthy older adults and adults suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment. The studies I work on examine how we can quantify what healthy aging is and how we can prevent early decline in adults that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

What is your latest update on the research you are working on?:
Currently, I am working on my dissertation research that examines how connectivity in the brain changes with aging and how these changes impact our ability to make decisions. Eventually, I hope this work will lead to developing neural markers for healthy aging and early detection for connectivity in the brain that might signal disease or decline in older adults.

How did you decide to get involved in the neuroscience field?:
I became involved with neuroscience in college when my pre-med advisor told me I should help with a research lab. Turns out that I loved research so much that it completely changed my focus in school. My very first lab was looking at brain activation patterns that are involved in attention and language.

When you have free time and aren’t conducting research, what do you enjoy doing?:
In my free time I like to play intramural football and softball. I like getting to be outside and active and have some social involvement outside of work. Of course TAG also helps keep me social in my free time.

Why should young professionals get involved with TAG?:
TAG is a great opportunity for young professionals to network in the Dallas area and meet people who have a common interest. It is a great way to learn more about the brain and neuroscience but also to expand your horizons in a meaningful way. I have had more meaningful and intelligent conversations with people in the TAG group than any other organization I’ve been a part of.