Who are we?
The Think Ahead Group (TAG) is a group of young professionals who are passionate about brain health.

What do we do?
TAG is teaching people how to think about the current and future health of their brains. We raise money to support research at the Center for BrainHealth that discovers and implements new ways to understand, protect, and heal the human brain.


  • Securing former First Lady Laura W. Bush as a special guest speaker
  • Growing to over 400 past and present members
  • Raising over $300,000 in financial and in-kind gifts
  • Hosting multiple lectures and social events

Media Recognition:

  • Dallas Morning News
  • PaperCity
  • D Magazine Blog
  • Dallas Modern Luxury
  • Park Cities People
  • RSVP Calendar Blog
  • My Sweet Charity Blog
  • Luella & June

Member Spotlight view past winners

Claire Bauman & Margaret Rudd

What is your involvement with TAG? - Claire Bauman:
"Board Member/Social Co-Chair"

What is your involvement with TAG? - Margaret Rudd:
"I am the social co-chair for TAG, along with Claire Bauman. I help plan monthly events for TAG. These events range from educational gatherings to happy hours and networking events - it's a really fun job!"

Tell us a little about your background. - Claire Bauman:
"I was born and raised in Houston and moved to Dallas after high school to attend SMU. I graduated in 2014 with degrees in Economics and Public Policy, and I now work for an Energy Trading and Risk Management Software company called Allegro Development in downtown Dallas."

Tell us a little about your background. - Margaret Rudd:
"I grew up in Dallas and attended Highland Park High School. I then went on to UT in Austin where I studied public relations and business. Now, I own and operate an online boutique selling women's clothing and accessories called Liz and Honey. I also recently adopted a puppy named Calvin who I can't get enough of!"

What are some of your favorite things to do in Dallas? - Claire Bauman:
"I have an Australian Shepherd named Murphy, so a lot of my free time is spent taking him to Mutts, White Rock, and running him along the Katy Trail."

What are some of your favorite things to do in Dallas? - Margaret Rudd:
"One of my favorite parts about Dallas is the great restaurant scene. I love trying new places in different areas. You can find me at any sushi restaurant, but my favorites are Oishii and Little Katana. I love jogging the Katy Trail with my pup or taking a class at the Treadbarre."

Why are you a part of TAG? - Claire Bauman:
"The future and health of our brains is something that is important for everyone to think about. TAG does a great job of promoting and spreading awareness about the work and research The Center for BrainHealth is doing, while also providing a space for young professionals in Dallas to network and socialize."

Why are you a part of TAG? - Margaret Rudd:
"I joined TAG because my father passed away in 2012 of ALS. ALS is a fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscles. These nerve cells in the brain eventually degenerate and die and become unable to transmit messages to muscles. Unable to function, the muscles in the body gradually weaken and waste away until eventually the ability of the brain to start and control voluntary movement is lost. Any and all research and development involving brain health is a step towards finding a cure for this terrible disease. Additionally, I have close friends whose families are directly affected by depression and Autism. Brain health is truly an issue that touches every person's life in some way or another, therefore it is important for me to help raise awareness and support for this cause."