2017-2018 TAG Advisory Board

  • Kristen Carter
  • Education: University of Oklahoma
    Current Employment: Sunwest Communications-- Account Coordinator
    Why TAG?: “I first learned about TAG through my older sister Julie Carter. In addition to her influence, I am passionate about mental health after having family members who suffered from Alzheimer's and depression, as well as multiple friends sustain concussions from playing supports. Supporting these friends and family members brought the subject of brain health close to my heart and drives my desire to be involved in an organization like TAG.”

  • Kendal Kramer
  • Education: University of Oklahoma
    Current Employment: ChildCareGroup-- Event Coordinator
    Why TAG?: “I joined TAG after interning at the Center for BrainHealth. During my last semester of college, my interest in brain health was sparked by the passing of my grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. I am a member of TAG becuase I am impressed and appreciative of the research that the Center conducts and implements surrounding brain health.”

  • Derek Schuster
  • Education: Pennsylvania State University
    Current Employment: Mizzen & Main-- Golf Sales Director
    Why TAG?: “I've seen first hand the effects of brain disease and mental illness. I love the events and the cause that they are supporting. Beauty is nothing without brains.”

  • Kelsey Wolfe
  • Education: Southern Methodist University
    Current Employment: ISN-- Insurance Coordinator
    Why TAG?: “I'm interested in supporting the Center for BrainHealth for a few reasons, one of which being that I had a family member pass away from Alzheimer's. I'm also hoping that my involvement in TAG will increase my awareness of brain development and health, thus allowing me to help others.”

  • Katie Cannon
  • Education: The University of Mississippi
    Current Employment: Ranger Capital Group-- Administrative Assistant
    Why TAG?: “Mental health has largely affected my entire family. I would like to help spread awareness on this topic that we can begin to create a more helpful and understanding society.”

  • Erin Shrewsbury
  • Education: University of Alabama
    Current Employment: M Barnes & Co.-- Assistant Designer
    Why TAG?: “Mental illness, addiction, and Alzheimer's are very important to me and I love having the opportunity to raise money and awareness for these conditions that affect everyone. It's also a great networking opportunity, of course! ”

  • Philip Patsley
  • Education: The University of Arkansas & The University of Alabama
    Current Employment: Newmark Knight Grubb Frank-- Associate
    Why TAG?: “I am involved in TAG to help raise awareness of mental health and The Center for BrainHealth through fundraising, event hosting and public outreach.”

  • Emily Grove
  • Education: Texas A&M University
    Current Employment: United Surgical Partners-- Leadership Development Associate
    Why TAG?: “My experience as a community relations intern at the center left a long lasting impression. I admire how the Center for BrainHealth addresses brain health from all different angles and with such care for the community. I want to continue learning and contributing in any way that I can, while meeting other young professionals in the process.”

  • Jaca Stultz
  • Education: Florida State University
    Current Employment: Lion & Witch-- Assistant Store Manager
    Why TAG?: “TAG is full of passion for something we all can relate to- brain health! This cause is so prevalent in our society today and I am so proud to be a part of an organization that is leading the effort and taking charge in supporting The Center for BrainHealth.”

  • Pablo Ramirez
  • Education: The University of Texas at Dallas
    Current Employment: Regions Bank-- Commercial Banker
    Why TAG?: “ To increase awareness about brain health in our communities and to help out those in need.”

  • Claire Davis
  • Education: The University of Texas
    Current Employment: KPMG, LLP-- Senior Associate
    Why TAG?: “I believe in TAG's mission and research of the brain. I have seen many people I love impacted by cognitive issues, and I think It is important to learn more about how to protect and heal the human brain.”

  • James B. Davis
  • Education: Texas Tech University
    Current Employment: Sebastian Construction Group-- Project Engineer
    Why TAG?: “To make a push to solve brain health issues through research.”

  • Jason Stangel
  • Education: The University of Tulsa
    Current Employment: Petro-Hunt, LLC-- Reservoir Engineer
    Why TAG?: “I first got into TAG via a friend's recommendation. I stayed in TAG because I am interested in brain health and think it is an important topic in today's environment. ”