2015-2016 TAG Advisory Board

  • Claire Bauman
  • Education: Southern Methodist University
    Current Employment: Epsilon-- Business Systems Analyst
    Why TAG?: “TAG is a great way to spread awareness and raise money for such an important cause that affects so many people. It's great being surrounded by other young professionals in Dallas who share this same passion for brain health.”

  • Julie Carter
  • Education: Texas Christian University
    Current Employment: Center for BrainHealth-- Events & Donor Relations Specialist
    Why TAG: “Brain health affects every single person in some way. There is so much to be learned about the brain, and I want to be a part of making this research possible. I want everyone to know about the Center for BrainHealth and to lead a younger generation's involvement in this important cause.”

  • Kristen Carter
  • Education: University of Oklahoma
    Current Employment: Sunwest Communications-- Account Coordinator
    Why TAG?: “I first learned about TAG through my older sister Julie Carter. In addition to her influence, I am passionate about mental health after having family members who suffered from Alzheimer's and depression, as well as multiple friends sustain concussions from playing supports. Supporting these friends and family members brought the subject of brain health close to my heart and drives my desire to be involved in an organization like TAG.”

  • Justin Farmer
  • Education: University of Arkansas
    Current Employment: Briggs Freeman Sotheby's Int. Realty-- Sales Associate
    Why TAG?: “I want to help research and raise awareness for brain health. I have seen first hand how a brain disease can leave a family lonely and searching for help. Our members are committed to making a difference in the commmunity and the research being done is truly impressive.”

  • Sadie Fitzpatrick
  • Education: Vanderbilt University, BA ; Southern Methodist University, JD
    Current Employment: Husch Blackwell LLP
    Why TAG?: “To honor the memory of Debbie Johnson and to promote the good work of BrainHealth.”

  • Adrienne Gehan
  • Education: Cal Berkeley
    Current Employment: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas-- Development Specialist

  • Lindsay Gehan
  • Education: University of Georgia
    Current Employment: Center for BrainHealth
    Why TAG?: "I joined TAG when I returned back to Dallas after graduating from college and am very interested in ways that the body works and the brain is the core of every function.”

  • Tanner Hartnett
  • Education: Fordham University (B.A.) and Texas Tech Law (J.D.)
    Current Employment: The Hartnett Law Firm-- Associate Attorney
    Why TAG?: “I joined TAG shortly after my sister passed away. She suffered from addiction and bipolar disorder. I joined TAG becuase its purpose to fund brain research really resonated with me.”

  • Jake Harvey
  • Education: Ole Miss
    Current Employment: Greg Abbott for Governor
    Why TAG?: " I joined TAG because in my grandmother's later years, she suffered from Dementia. Neurodegenerative disorders are especially devastating because they rob people of who they are."

  • Tyler Hayes
  • Current Employment: ISN Software Corporation
    Why TAG?: “My father was born with an incurable neurological disease that has left him handicapped for decades. Why not join a group that aims to help those suffering from something similar?.”

  • Luke Kline
  • Education: University of Texas
    Current Employment: Mill Creek Residential Trust LLC
    Why TAG?: “My father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's in 2013. My family and I were devastated to find out Alzheimer's is the only top 10 causes of death in America that cannot be prevented, cured, or slowed down. I joined TAG in the effort to cure all brain disease including Alzheimer's.”

  • Kendal Kramer
  • Education: University of Oklahoma
    Current Employment: ChildCareGroup-- Event Coordinator
    Why TAG?: “I joined TAG after interning at the Center for BrainHealth. During my last semester of college, my interest in brain health was sparked by the passing of my grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. I am a member of TAG becuase I am impressed and appreciative of the research that the Center conducts and implements surrounding brain health.”

  • Mark LaGrone
  • Education: Southern Methodist University
    Current Employment: Fidelity Investments
    Why TAG?: "I was introduced to the group through friends and have been very impressed with the work TAG does and the money it raises toward the advancement of brain health research. I love the events and look forward to being a part of this group for a long time.”

  • Jess Newman
  • Education: University of Texas, BA ; Southern Methodist University, MBA
    Current Employment: ISN Software Corporation-- Senior Associate
    Why TAG?: “When most people describe their charity involvement, it boils around a particular passion for a particular thing or subset of people. My interest and focus in TAG and the Center for BrainHealth can be described less with the word passion, but more accurately described with the word 'fascination'. The human body, and most interestingly the human brain, is the next frontier. In the same way the generation before us was enamored with space exploration, our generation will witness, awestruck, a trans-formative discovery of what is happening and could happen inside our own bodies. The Center for BrainHealth is at the forefront of forging into the new great unknown and doing it right in the town I grew up in. I'm utterly fascinated to see what life-saving, tissue-repairing or humanity-advancing discovery will come next. To circle back to the original question, "Why did I join TAG", I joined TAG so that the world's leading neuroscientists can tell me what the human brain is capable of. Then I can tell the world.”

  • Alison Perez
  • Education: University of South Caroline, BA ; University of Texas, MBA
    Current Employment: Center for BrainHealth-- Research Assistant, Doctoral Student
    Why TAG?: "I am part of TAG because I appreciate being around individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Every individual I meet in TAG inspires me in my research and desire to transform research into help for those who need it most. TAG has also been a great way to transition into living in the Dallas area; it has been one of the most welcoming groups I've joined since moving here."

  • Preston Roush
  • Education: Baylor University
    Current Employment: Comerica Bank--Corporate Banking Officer
    Why TAG?: "Great cause; great people!”

  • Margaret Rudd
  • Education: University of Texas
    Current Employment: Liz and Honey
    Why TAG?: “I want to be involved in this great organization and participate in this amazing cause.”

  • Benjamin Seale
  • Education: Pepperdine University
    Current Employment: Ernst & Young-- Senior Consultant
    Why TAG?: “I think TAG is a great organizaiton with an extremely important mission. I look forward to helping advance TAG, increase its membership, and spread awareness for brain health.”

  • Kate Seale
  • Education: Vanderbilt University, BE
    Current Employment: KPMG - Consultant
    Why TAG?: "Originally, I joined TAG because I've always been fascinated with the brain's functionality and power. Over the years it is now important to me to help promote awareness of brain health and its importance even at a young age. I also believe that the Center for BrainHealth does, and will continue to do, amazing things for our future, and TAG is a great way to support the Center and their on-going work."

  • Haynes Strader
  • Education: Southern Methodist University
    Why TAG?: "I strongly believe that the Center for BrainHealth is ahead of the curve on brain health research and awareness. In a society that is plagued by mental disease and brain trauma it is important to highlight the importance of brain health in our daily lives and the lives of others.”

  • Mary-Margaret Toon
  • Education: Texas Tech University
    Current Employment: VanTrust Real Estate LLC
    Why TAG?: “I joined TAG to encourage and educate others, as well as myself, about the importance of brain health.”

  • Kelsey Wolfe
  • Education: Southern Methodist University
    Current Employment: ISN-- Insurance Coordinator
    Why TAG?: “I'm interested in supporting the Center for BrainHealth for a few reasons, one of which being that I had a family member pass away from Alzheimer's. I'm also hoping that my involvement in TAG will increase my awareness of brain development and health, thus allowing me to help others.”